Renewable Energy

We provide tools to companies who wish to lower their CO2 emissions.

We have a robust network of renewable fuel producers, retail stations and technology providers that adds up to a comprehensive package that reduces carbon liabilities for fleets. Our strategy consists of a three prong approach:

  • - Driver Training to reduce emissions by 20%
  • - Vehicle modifications to increase efficiency and reduce idling
  • - Using low carbon, renewable fuels
Emissions Tracking Fleet Card

The Indigenous Energy fleet card gives companies the power to track and improve their carbon performance. This unbiased third party application allows your organization to confidently assess the effectiveness of our three prong approach. The card is accepted at over 230,000 retail fuel and maintenance centers nationwide. The program was launched in 2008 in a pilot program with the National Biodiesel Board and States Logistics

Biodiesel Fleet Management

Chicago Park District Biodiesel Project

Indigenous Energy is currently contracted with the Chicago Park District to manage their biodiesel program. The Chicago Park District has nearly 200 vehicles that use a 10 to 20 percent blend of biodiesel and 56 that use up to 50 percent biodiesel. The vehicles range in size from lawn mowers to log loader trucks.


Indigenous Energy is responsible for maintaining the fueling equipment, ensuring fuel integerity and monitoring the health of the fleet.

Read a recent article about the program in Biodiesel Magazine.

To learn more about this program contact Pete Probst,